Diwali got over around a week ago. Life went back to the way it was before the festival. There were no more lighted lamps nor were there the beautiful pictures of Rangoli posted by people as their WhatsApp status. I was comingĀ  back home after completing a stressful day at the university. On the busy... Continue Reading →


Say yes to yourself

Sometimes choosing the easier path is something that you need, irrespective of any third party's opinion

Lucky Top

Every one of us has a lucky object; a bracelet, a watch, a ring, a tie, a bike. Well, she had a lucky top which lost its luck and then she realized something.

Are you in Love?

When the question 'Are you in love?' is asked and the reply which we have to it is negative, creates a, albeit small, sadness in us. It feels bad to not to have the romance which the movie heroine or the romance novel protagonist has but, is our reply correct or we simply ignoring a major fact?

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