Tender Beauty

Thoughts by Prashanti

The texture, the pattern, the colours, the shade of the flower is naturally so beautiful so as we should be naturally beautiful. With some pleasing days, with thunder storms, with the heavy rain it tries to bloom slowly taking the help of the dusk and dawn it changes to a flower. Not an easy task but the change of little bud to a flower is so pleasing. Closed with the overlapping petals it stays..waits for the time to rise it steps into one step of life to half bloom and then blossoms. With so many challenges/difficulties they try to have full life don't pluck them as they look beautiful in the presence of nature and making nature elegant in it's beauty of colourful shades of pink, red, blue, orange, golden and so many...rising with the rays of sun they sway through the mid vibes of the windy air. Learnt to…

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The Tattooist of Auschwitz

My eyes were moist and there was an poignant feeling in my heart, but I could not stop turning the crisp pages. I guess this might not be very surprising as I was reading The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris. The book which I read overnight, a tear jerker which tells the true story of Lale Sokolov ...

Our Backyard Bahava Tree

I wanted to write something revolving around the bahava since a year but never knew what to write and how to write. Today, finally, I sat down and compiled all the words that I meant. There is that one memory from our childhood which stays with us. The golden memory just like the Golden Cassia.

Nostalgia and Zest

Travel. Isn't it about visiting places unknown to you, capturing moments with your lenses, looking at the simple surroundings with a perspective so new and unique that mundane activities get a glamorous feel. To gather unforgettable experiences and locking them down as memories can be summarized by this one word and today I would like... Continue Reading →


Tapping my fingers on the handle of my two wheeler, I turned around noticing the black and maroon overcoat clad homo sapiens – going home after finishing their day at work. That's when...

Cue the Background score

Lights off and the darkness prevailed everywhere. Not a single star shone in the night sky, nor was the moon glowing her bright light as she was kidnapped by the dark, water bearing clouds. I breathed a sigh and walked to the open veranda of our house because, it was just another warm summer night... Continue Reading →

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