Nescafe Gold – A Beautiful Advert

Did you see the new Nescafe Gold commercial? If not please watch, the video is at the end of the blog post. No, this is no promotion. Actually, I saw the advertisement multiple times, even on YouTube and it compelled me to write about it. The advertisement truly catches the essence of our relationships and gives a beautiful message while advertising the product in a clever manner. It starts with a man addressing around 80,000 people -which is the approximate number of people a person meets. He then asks them questions about his personal life which eliminates people one by one, only to leave those standing who truly know him. The way the characters are dressed up is notable too; you easily recognize the school best friend, the professor who eventually became our mentor, the girl/guy who we never dared to confess our love, the co-worker with whom we shared our troubles. The background score is a version of ‘Stand by Me’ by ‘Ben King’ that enamors you immediately and you just cannot move your eyes from the screen and neither wipe the smile from your face.

The theme of the advert is that we meet so many people in our life. We open our eyes to meet our parents, we share a special bond with our siblings, we have our relatives – some affectionate, some obnoxious. We are then enrolled in our school and classes, where we meet our teachers, our friends, our best friends, our first crush. This continues to the college where the list of the people who we are acquainted with continues. At the workplace, there are our co-workers, bosses etc. Not just these people, but the bunch of people who we share the same train with, the person who we simply wave at while taking a jog, the restaurant where we are regulars and hence acquainted with the some of the staff members. Few of these know our name, lesser are familiar with us. We share memories with some of the people, but there are very few of them who actually know us. Who know our small habits, the people on whom we can rely, with whom we can be vulnerable. We may lose touch with these people. We get entangled in the worldly affairs, in the world constrained by our mobile and desktop screens. Yes, we send the occasional text messages, but they can never substitute the face-to-face conversation. The relation with these small number of people, the love that is shared, is so strong that time doesn’t corrode it. The bond never rusts. You just need to call, and they are there for you as you are for them. One meeting can make up for the lost contact. And of course, you can do that over a cup of coffee. 😉

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